If you could hang out with any cartoon character, who would you choose and why?

I really would want to hang out with Johnny Test. Homie had the set-up and is constantly doing things his way. I just think being with him and his talking dog would be such a trip, and I love it.

Grade/School Attending

12th grade at Cheyenne Central High School

What do you love about being creative?

Being able to express what I want and like into something that I can understand better.

What’s your favorite program to work in?

Final Cut Pro X

Who’s your favorite creative (ie. artist, musician, filmmaker, etc.) and what inspires you about them?

I’m super into music right now, so Still Woozy and Tame Impala are like my top 10 musically. But I also just love Jordan Peele. His films are extremely intentional, and I love being able to recognize that, and appreciate it for all of the work that went into it.

What made you decide to apply for the program?

I applied for this program specifically because I knew it could lead me into my dream job. When I think about the future I think about how I’ll be able to use everything I learn here.

Favorite part of the internship so far?

I love getting to meet all the people that make this agency a machine. It’s so interesting to see all of the moving parts and how I would preferably work within this system.

What are your plans for the future?

Right now I plan on going to LCCC. I currently don’t have a degree in mind, but I’m hoping by my second year in college I’ll have it figured out.

What is your absolute dream job?

I personally see myself running or assisting the running of content creation, whether it be for marketing or a brand. When Ashley was telling us about her experience at Sierra Trading Post, that is essentially my dream job, but handling the actual accounts and planning what we need to get done.