Construction Sneak Peek

Jan 1, 2024 | Life on the Edge

The light in here is gorgeous; we’ll start with that. 

More of a podcast fan? Listen in:

It streams in from big, south-facing windows, warming the exposed brick walls and artfully worn, century-old floorboards.

Even with projects to finish, walls to paint and furniture to build… we’re getting close to calling this place “home.” 

(And since we filmed this episode at the start of 2024, we’ve made even more progress than what you’ll see here.)

Come on in and find out:

  • Where we’ll get to have you over for meetings 

  • How we ended up with a conversation pit

  • Plans for our client viewing suite and studio/editing area

  • Where we’ve been working since last summer

  • What makes our break area super-unique

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