Where did West Edge Collective move?

Dec 7, 2022 | Development

Outside of our team and a few of our clients, not many people have gotten to see this weird little space we’re calling our temporary home. 

So, hey: Welcome! Come on in. Grab some stickers. (And feel free to accept any beverages Jesse offers you, because we know he will.) 

Let’s take a look around. 

When did West Edge Collective move?

Toward the end of summer 2022, when construction on The Railspur began in earnest, our team packed up and moved just across the street to 610 W. 15th Street. 

Using some creative furniture Jenga, we transformed what used to be purely our signage/production space into a studio-style office, complete with a front seating area, two meeting spaces, and work spaces for our team. 

Is this our forever space? Yes. And no. 

(Was that purposefully vague? Absolutely yes. But trust us when we say that when there’s news to share about what’s next, you’ll be the first to know.)