Wyoming 988: Behind the Scenes of a Statewide Campaign

Dec 7, 2022 | Video

Our project manager helping out with scene prep

Scene: A gorgeous fall evening in Cheyenne, Wyoming. You’re basking in the glow of a crackling campfire, wrapped in a cozy fleece blanket. The stars are sparkling. The wind is actually calm for a change. 

And the guy behind the camera calls out, “Hey, can we get some more haze?”

Welcome to one (of many) on-location shoots for the Wyoming 988 campaign

Now, when you see the campaign’s digital billboards, hear one of the ads on Spotify or Pandora, or catch the video playing on your favorite streaming platform—you can share fun facts like these:

The beautiful campfire glow you see? That’s a clever combination of haze machines and orange lights.

Iced tea makes for a great-looking “whiskey.” 

All scenes were shot around Cheyenne, in 6 locations within 3 days.

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