Who is West Edge?

Feb 7, 2024 | Life on the Edge

Officially, we’re creative trailblazers focused on innovation and authenticity. But that’s only part of the story. 

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Before we were in “that building with the shipping containers”; before we set up shop in a converted (and 100% haunted) hotel space up the street on Lincolnway… before all that, West Edge was an ember of an idea, ignited by the excitement of establishing a new vibe around what a marketing agency could be. 

Today, we’re bringing in West Edge OGs Chad and Barbara to tell the stories you haven’t heard before, including:

  • The initial idea behind “Collective” and how that’s evolved 

  • What it was like in the early days 

  • How we’ve evolved into helping like-minded companies evolve and grow

  • Why we’re dropping “Collective” going forward 

  • A deep-dive into West Edge’s founding principles and values, including expanding into XR

About “Life on the Edge”

In “Life on the Edge”, you’re invited behind the curtain to meet our people, explore our space and check out our product.

You’ll get insight into where our pennies come from, see how we live out our core principles and sit in on our process for creating websites, video, signage, engaging marketing, immersive reality experiences, and more.

This is Life on the Edge… and we wouldn’t have it any other way.