Should you use digital or traditional advertising?

Apr 19, 2022 | Marketing

You’ve got a great message to share: Now, should you use digital advertising or traditional advertising to do it? (Get an overview of digital advertising here, and traditional advertising here.

    What are the benefits of digital advertising?


      Measurable results

      Ability to pivot and adjust strategy / tactics, as needed

      Easier to target prospects

      What are the benefits of traditional advertising?

        Great for local audiences

        The message feels more organic, less corporate

        More trustworthy

        Many adults see traditional advertising as more trustworthy than other advertising

        Larger Audience

        Potential to reach a larger, more diverse audiences 

        Power of experience

        Being drawn into a TV commercial’s storyline, ability to touch and hold a direct mail piece, hearing a radio ad, etc. 

        One easy way to decide between traditional and digital advertising

        Where is your audience most likely to view your message? 

        If your target audience is primarily online, digital advertising is your best bet; however, if your audience is more likely to peruse a printed material or catch your commercial on TV, traditional advertising is the way to go.