What is digital advertising?

Apr 19, 2022 | Marketing

It’s wild to think about the amount of digital advertising we see in a day. 

Whether you’re scrolling social media, catching up on your favorite news site, or taking a mid-day break to fill an online cart (or two), digital advertising cleverly works its way into nearly every aspect of our digital realm.

The most common ways you’ll see digital advertising include:

In-feed social ads on Facebook and Instagram

Cleverly crafted brand stories on TikTok and Snapchat

Programmatic Website Ads

Google search ads

As the saying goes, “fish where the fish are.” In the case of digital advertising, you’re after “fish” who actively consume digital content. 

Whether your digital advertising budget goes toward display ads, boosted social media posts / ads, programmatic ads and search ads, the goal is to meet your audience where they are—and ensure your message is front and center when they’re looking.