What is traditional advertising?

Apr 19, 2022 | Marketing

… is it weird to be sentimental about traditional advertising? 

For most of us, there’s a sense of nostalgia around the traditional advertising we remember growing up:

A specific television commercial.

A radio ad with a catchy jingle you can (still) sing word-for-word.

An outdoor billboard you passed by all the time in the city where you grew up. 

Whatever the case, traditional advertising clearly has a way of instilling staying power, even if it’s used less commonly than digital advertising

Especially when you have an audience that primarily consumes traditional media (television, radio, newspapers, magazines), it makes sense to strategically place yourself—and your media budget—where your audience is already looking. 

Who knows: Your next traditional advertising campaign could be the one that sticks with your audience for years… and maybe even makes them a bit sentimental when they look back on it one day.