Wireframe your website first, design your website second

Mar 24, 2022 | Web

To create a website wireframe and make a plan for all the content on your site, you want to get all your experts in the room. Typically, that’s website development, strategy, copy/content, and design, but you can add in project / account management, art direction, and other key experts as needed. 

During a website wireframe, you’ll define:

  • Website content areas
  • Website content types – pages, posts, events, etc.
  • Page hierarchy and relationships
  • Navigation hierarchy 

Why do a website wireframe first, then design your website second?

By the end of your wireframe meeting, you’ll have a well-planned map for your website’s next steps. The wireframe will detail where all the website content should go, how you want your website content organized, and what the ideal user experience will look like as they move from page to page.

Post-wireframe, with this knowledge and plan in place, you can begin creating a website design that brings your content (and content goals) front and center. 

What’s your current process: Wireframe, then design? Or design first, wireframe second? Is it a hybrid of both? We’re always interested to hear more about other people’s processes!