What to ask your website host

Mar 24, 2022 | Web

Choosing your website host is a big deal. 

You’re asking someone to be in charge of the security of your website (and all its content), so it’s logical to have questions.

Here are some questions we recommend asking your website host, so you can ensure there’s nothing left to chance and you can enjoy peace of mind:

  • What security features do you offer? 
  • What is your uptime? 
  • How do you monitor uptime? 
  • How do you handle updates to my website’s Content Management System, theme and plug-ins?
  • What is your backup routine? 
  • How do you handle restores?
  • How fast are the servers that my website will be on?

For our website hosting clients—ranging from smaller “mom and pop” business websites, all the way up to some of the largest websites in Wyoming—we recommend WPEngine. They’re reliable, secure, and always super-responsive with technical support if we run into any issues. 

No matter which website host you choose, be sure you have answers to the questions above before you get started. Taking the time to understand your website host up front will keep you ahead of any potential problems later.