What is lead management?

Mar 24, 2022 | Web

Lead management (or customer relationship management) is the way you organize and manage your lead funnel. 

Once you’ve integrated lead management or a CRM tool on your website, you’ll be able to:

    Understand where leads are in your sales funnel

    Tailor how you engage with your leads to encourage conversion

    Spend more time nurturing leads that will generate business

    Keep opportunities from falling through the cracks

    (We’ve shared our favorite tools for lead management / customer relationship management here.) 

    There’s a reason we say lead management / Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the most valuable marketing asset you can have, and here’s why:

    Once you have lead management in place on your website, you’ll instantly have a better understanding of user behavior and conversions. This will lead to more satisfied customers and qualified leads—and the buzzy satisfaction of knowing your website strategy is delivering on the goals you set out to meet.