What is website development?

Mar 24, 2022 | Web

Website development (or “dev”) refers to building, creating and maintaining a website, from the website URL on up. 

Typically, the process of website development includes:

  • Setting up website domain registration
  • Setting up website hosting
  • Completing any custom installs or coding 
  • Wireframing (planning out) your website’s content and sitemap

When it comes to website development, our favorite platform is WordPress. Its security, usability and design are unmatched, and we love that it’s easy for our clients to use and learn, too. 

Before going live, your website development team should go through an extensive testing and review process to ensure all the pieces of your website are in place. 

For example: Do all of your website links work? Are all of your website’s forms active and sending submissions to the correct email? Are all of your website’s images loading correctly? 

Thoughtful website development makes the difference between having a website that converts your customers (and serves as a useful toolbox for your marketing efforts) and having a website that’s easily lost in the crowd. 

Considering that a website markets you 24/7, we hope you’re putting thought into yours.