Top client questions about lead management

Mar 24, 2022 | Web

When clients want to integrate lead management (or customer relationship management) into their website, the primary goal is to give them a way to organize and manage their lead funnel. 

But our clients also want to know: Why should I get started with lead management? How do I implement lead management on my website? And what should I do with the information I gather from it? 

Here’s what we tell them. 

Why should I get started with lead management? 

With lead management, the amount of insight you’ll gain into your leads is incredible. Once you’ve integrated lead management or a CRM tool on your website, you can see where leads are in your sales funnel; tailor how you engage with those leads to encourage conversion; focus your time on nurturing the leads that will generate business; and, of course, keep opportunities from falling through the cracks.

How do I implement lead management? 

For our clients, we use a CRM (customer relationship management) tool that best aligns with their goals. Depending on our clients’ lead management goals, we use our expertise to connect them with the right CRM. (Some favorites are Constant Contact, HubSpot, Mailchimp, and Salesforce.)

What should I do with the information I gather from lead management?

Ah, this is where the hard work of implementing lead management on your website pays off. Using the data you gather, you’ll be able to better understand your user behavior and conversions; see how customers are coming to you and converting; being able to understand your customer and product through the full funnel.

Through lead management, you can convert users who are anonymous into users you know. With that knowledge, you have the ability to meet their needs using data, initiating the process of a successful conversion.