What is a mobile-first website?

Mar 24, 2022 | Web

A mobile-first website is designed with the mobile experience in mind first, desktop experience second. 

Why does having a mobile-first website matter? 

With most people visiting your website on their phones or tablets, it makes sense to prioritize the most commonly viewed experience first.

What makes a website “mobile first” is its responsiveness to mobile devices. This means, regardless of the mobile device on which it’s viewed, your website will automatically adjust for an optimized view on that device’s screen, with zero effort required on the user side. 

Based on our experience with website clients, the benefits of a mobile-first website include:

    Improved user experience for your website visitors

    Longer on-page times throughout your website

    Content is easier for website visitors to consume

    As you’re planning your website design, make this your mantra: Mobile first!