988 Suicide Lifeline Awareness Campaign

Creating 988 Suicide Lifeline resources for the Wyoming Department of Health

988, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, provides free, confidential support for people experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis. In July 2022, the Lifeline made the switch from a 10-digit phone number to a three-digit number—988—that people could call or text 24/7.

With this campaign, our job was to ensure Wyomingites were familiar with the new number (and how to put it to use if they needed it) and to build both digital and printed resources for the Wyoming Department of Health’s partners and stakeholders to share statewide.

Working with the Wyoming Department of Health’s Behavioral Health division, we created thoughtful, research-based messaging, along with multi-channel/multi-language collateral, radio spots, and video content. The campaign kicked off with an every-door-direct postcard, arriving on doorsteps across the state just in time for Suicide Awareness Month.

Beyond increasing awareness of the new Lifeline number, a key goal for this campaign was reducing the stigma around mental health. Especially in rural states like ours, people often hesitate to reach out when they need it most. That in mind, all campaign messaging and imagery came from a place of acceptance and relatability. (How many of us have said, “I’m okay,” or, “I’m alright,” when we’re actually feeling anything but?) We even chose our video talent and shoot locations based on what we’d learned about our state’s most at-risk populations.

Within the first month, our 988 campaign received just over 2 million impressions on display ads, including an average .23 click-through rate. Additionally, data showed us that users spent almost 1 minute on the campaign landing page, reviewing FAQ and additional information about 988.

In a state where the suicide rate is nearly double the national average, being part of the conversation about mental health is a huge honor. We’re incredibly thankful for the Wyoming Department of Health’s trust in us to deliver an impactful message.


digital display impressions

average click-through rate

second average user session on the campaign landing page