What is out of home (OOH) advertising?

Apr 19, 2022 | Marketing

Abbreviated, “out of home” advertising is “OOH”—which makes sense, given that you want out-of-home advertising to inspire a good “ooh” or “ahh” when people see it. 

Out of home advertising includes billboards, posters, digital billboards, public transportation ads… really, any advertising that finds your audience when they’re (you guessed it) out of the home. 

Out of home advertising does its best work in public spaces, which—as a bonus for you—gives your message a much broader audience. 

When considering an out of home advertising campaign, think short and memorable. People are going to be on the move, and likely won’t spend longer than 5-10 seconds scanning your message even if it catches their eye. 

As you review out of home advertising, be thoughtful of your design and layout choices:

  • ZIs the font easy to read?
  • ZDoes the color palette draw attention to the important elements?
  • ZDoes the copy get the main idea across quickly?

Taking the time to consider your out-of-home advertising from the perspective of your audience is key. With a short time to grab their attention, how you present your message matters.