Why to use World Tracking in marketing

Feb 1, 2022 | Extended Reality

If you’re marketing a physical product, World Tracking is the fastest way you can (almost literally) get that product into people’s homes. Here’s how!

Similar to other AR experiences, like Image Tracking, World Tracking starts with an activated camera. After that camera scans the room to create spatial awareness and recognize objects, the user can then place 2D, 3D, or video objects within the space.

(Some realtors and furniture companies have even been leveraging this technology to allow you to “try on” furniture within a room. Keep an eye out; we bet it’ll be out there soon.)

One way we’ve seen World Tracking in marketing was through a postcard created by West Edge Collective, who used World Tracking to bring a multi-ton piece of farming equipment into thousands of homes:

By scanning a promotional mailer (left), user’s manual or a sales brochure, a 3D rendering can “float” to give the prospective buyer a close, 360-degree look at any product. 


  1. “Wow” factor makes it memorable
  2. CTA for Lead Generation
  3. Analytics measure interest-phase
When it comes to adding AR like World Tracking to your marketing, our best advice for you is this:
Make it purposeful. Make it exciting. Make it an experience that adds value for your customers.