Why you need an XR camera strategy

Feb 1, 2022 | Extended Reality

First, it was the “mobile-first” revolution. 

As more people began accessing websites from their phones vs. their computers, designers and developers expanded their website strategies to ensure sites looked and worked as well (or better) on mobile than on the desktop version.

With the continued rise of mobile devices, we have a new era on our hands—and an important question to answer:

How do you want your customers to interact with your brand, marketing or business using their devices that are equipped with cameras? 

That’s an XR camera strategy. 

Beyond mobile phones, an XR camera strategy also considers the use of other camera-equipped devices:





    Just like businesses without a “mobile first” website strategy were left behind as their competition planned ahead, so will the businesses who aren’t thinking ahead to implement an XR camera strategy.

    Trust us: Thinking ahead to create an XR camera strategy now will ensure your brand stays top-of-mind long after most of your competition will.