What is Mixed Reality (MR)?

Feb 1, 2022 | Extended Reality

Here’s what makes Mixed Reality (MR) such an interesting form of Augmented Reality: 

Mixed Reality (MR) combines elements of both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in one place, creating a magical moment where the digital world and the real world come together.

Typically, Mixed Reality is served up through an app, or integrated directly into a website using Web AR (the preferred method). 

Have you ever used a retailer’s website and your laptop’s camera to “try on” a pair of glasses? Then you’ve spent time in the Mixed Reality world. 

Another way to engage with Mixed Reality is by wearing a headset. While wearing an MR headset, you’re able to see the physical space you’re in, but also interact with and manipulate projected holograms in the space.

The world of extended reality, including Mixed Reality, is always growing. 

The sooner you get familiar with its benefits (and how they can be best put to use), the further ahead of the game—and your competition—you’ll be.

If you’re wondering what a Mixed Reality experiences looks like in action, here’s how West Edge Collective used Mixed Reality in a postcard.