How to use Image Tracking in marketing

Feb 1, 2022 | Extended Reality

With a camera-enabled device and your unique image, anything is possible.

In this form of AR, an experience launches as soon as an activated camera “sees” a specific image or visual marker. Image Tracking creates an engaging digital experience with video, 3D content, web content, animations, etc.  

What makes Image Tracking AR great for marketing?

  • It’s eye-catching and fun
  • You can integrate a Call to Action (CTA) for instant lead generation
  • It provides a new way to gain valuable feedback
  • Analytics are built in to measure participation

How can you use Image Tracking in marketing?

Here are a few examples. 

Stickers for student financial aid that launch an interactive digital experience

Direct mail that plays a video and provides clickable, trackable calls to action

Posters that invite passerby to engage in a fun and unique way 

As one of the most common forms of Augmented Reality in marketing today, Image Tracking opens up a vast universe of possibilities for delivering your message in a new way. Your customers are already familiar with it—and your marketing team should be, too.