4 ways to use Augmented Reality in marketing

Feb 1, 2022 | Extended Reality

“I want to use Augmented Reality in my marketing.”

Great start. Where do you go from here? We’ve got 4 ways you can incorporate Augmented Reality (AR) and create unique experiences not everyone else is doing. 

Image Tracking

With an activated camera and your unique image, anything is possible. In this form of AR, an experience launches as soon as an activated camera “sees” a specific image or visual marker. Image tracking then creates an exciting, engaging experience using video, 3D content, web content, animations, etc. 

Facial Tracking

Ever used a Facebook or Snapchat filter? You’re already familiar with how facial tracking AR works. After an activated camera identifies a face, the experience begins, whether that’s a graphic overlay, video, 3D content, or animation.

Location-Based Tracking

Location-based tracking relies on an activated camera to give location tracking permission. Once that’s established, and the camera is within range of a specified GPS location, the experience (which can be 3D content, animations, video, etc.) launches. This form of AR is excellent for proximity-based wayfinding and navigation- or location-based incentives. 

World Tracking

Here’s another form of Augmented Reality you’ve likely used before. After a camera is activated, it scans the room to recognize objects and create spatial awareness, allowing you to add 2D, 3D or video objects to certain places within the space. (Ever used the “see it in my space” option on a furniture website? That’s World Tracking in action.) 

When it comes to adding AR to your marketing, our best advice for you is this: 

Make it purposeful. Make it exciting. Make it an experience that adds value for your customers.