What is a Short Film?

Jun 3, 2022 | Video

A short film is ideal for longer-form brand storytelling—with emotion. In situations where you really want to draw in your audience and create connection, a short film almost always does it best. 

Drawing on our own experience as an agency, we’ve had great success in using the short film video format with a regional hospital client. Our first short film focused on the hospital’s cancer center, highlighting the overall program, its team and the benefits the center offered the local community. From there, we moved into highlighting one particular patient’s story, building out this short film with interviews from both the patient herself and members of her care team.

In both cases, the short film format allowed us to spend more time on storytelling than a radio spot, print ad, or commercial. Better yet, we were able to use elements of both short films to create radio spots, print ads and commercials for campaigns about each.

If you see an opportunity to tell your brand’s story with a short film, we highly recommend it. 

Not only are short films valuable brand assets, they’re also an opportunity to invite your audience (and potential customers) to get to know you a bit better.