What is a Branded Documentary Video?

Jun 3, 2022 | Video

A branded documentary video brings your brand’s message, values, people and promise to life. 

Regardless of your branded documentary’s length—whether it’s one 10-minute video, or a series of shorter, 1- to 2-minute videos—a branded documentary familiarizes your audience with your brand in a new way. 

Think about it this way: It’s one way to “meet” a brand by seeing its logo and design elements, or by reading the brand story and messaging—but through a branded documentary, your audience is invited to connect with your brand in a unique, engaging way. 

Many brands use branded documentary videos to:

    Dive deeper into a brand promise, such as sharing financial education or encouraging a trade


    Showcase their knowledge and expertise on a particular topic


    Highlight ways their brand is integrated into their customers’ lives

    Have you seen any branded documentary videos recently that inspired you to create one for your brand? Share a link below; we’d love to see!