Benefits of an In-studio Video Shoot

Jun 3, 2022 | Video

A look inside the West Edge studio during a shoot

While we all love the thrill of shooting on location, shooting an in-studio video also offers plenty of perks. 

For starters, with an in-studio video shoot, you’re in (just about) complete control of your whole environment. Whereas on-location shoots always include an element of surprise, an in-studio shoot is comfortably predictable.  All the elements—from lighting, to noise level, and even the availability of the studio itself—are known. Better yet, you’ll likely have all your extra equipment close by, ready to be swapped in or out at a moment’s notice. 

Another benefit of shooting an in-studio video is the ability to focus—both for the video team and your video subjects! Once the studio door is closed, you’re in your own world, allowing everyone to focus on the project at hand. 

For most of our clients, their favorite part of shooting in-studio is the convenience.

They love not having to travel far to attend the shoot; they appreciate having a restroom, kitchen, and reliable wifi access; and they’re definitely fans of the fact that an in-studio video shoot is often more friendly on their budget!