3 Ways to Make Your Testimonial Video Stand Out

Jun 3, 2022 | Video

Much like an excellent review, a well-done testimonial video can make the difference between a new customer choosing your brand over the competition. 


Interesting story

Engaging subject

On-brand location

Your testimonial video should tell an interesting story. 

Sure, it’s great to hear a longtime customer rave about the great service they received, but in a testimonial video, you want to keep your audience’s attention. Go one step further and get the most compelling story from your customer that you can. How did your brand come through, uniquely, when that customer needed you most? What do you offer that’s unlike everyone else, and what story can the testimonial video tell as proof? 

As for your testimonial video subject, aim for someone engaging. 

The more engaging the subject, the more likely people are to stick around and watch. By all means, match the mood to the story, but ensure your testimonial video “star” can keep the audience’s attention. 

Be sure to shoot your testimonial at an on-brand location.

You want your testimonial video to feel true to your brand, which includes shooting it in a location that matches your brand’s look, feel, and overall “personality.” For example, if your testimonial video features a farmer who’s used your top-selling implement for 10 years, try to shoot on-location at the farm. Get out in the field for your testimonial, and make sure you have the implement in the shot! 

When you think of making a testimonial video for your brand, challenge yourself to create it in a unique way. Not every testimonial video needs to fall into the same “talking head” formula, nor should it. The best testimonial videos are honest and on-brand—and the results that come from your customers will confirm if yours hit the mark.