3 Tips for an On-location Video Shoot

Jun 3, 2022 | Video

We asked our video team: What are 3 tips for planning a successful on-location video shoot? 

Straight from the seasoned videographers themselves, here’s what they recommend..

Always bring extra stands to an on-location video shoot.

Remember: Being on-location usually means extra gear isn’t close at hand. Before heading out to an on-location video shoot, it’s not uncommon to hear our team ask each other, “How many stands do you have?”—and then pack one or two more. 

On location, secure your stands for safety.

No matter where your on-location video shoot is happening—inside or out—it’s always a good idea to bring sand bags along to secure the stands. It’s a simple way to protect your team from accidentally sending a stand for a tumble, as well as protect your pricey equipment from getting damaged. 

Take care of your on-location crew.

In addition to all the usual suspects for an on-location video shoot—talent releases, equipment, extra batteries—be sure to grab snacks and drinks for your team. No one wants a hangry videographer, or to be stuck on location on a hot day with nothing to drink. 

What would you add to our list, based on your experience with on-location video shoots? Let us know in the comments!