Michelle Homar

Project Manager

Basically a Cheyenne native, Michelle moved to Cheyenne from Colorado at the ripe old age of 12. After graduating from Central High School, Michelle earned her degree in Business Administration from the University of Wyoming, then began a career in banking. When kiddo #3 arrived, Michelle decided to take a nine-year sabbatical as a stay-at-home mom—during which time she also welcomed kiddo #4!  

In 2010, Michelle headed back to work for Blue Federal Credit Union, where she stayed until she was offered the opportunity to dive headfirst into the Collective. She brings the ideal balance to our team: A solid love for marketing, art and creativity, matched equally by a passion for organization, spreadsheets and pivot tables.

Outside of work, Michelle finds her greatest joy in her family, made up of her husband and six kids (three girls and three boys, ranging in age from 15 to 23). In addition to keeping track of said kids and their activities, Michelle loves golfing, fine (boxed) wine, and beach vacations.