What are the benefits of a climate-controlled sign shop?

Sep 19, 2022 | Signage

Our sign shop is based in Wyoming—a state known for its dry, arid, and fully unforgiving climate. 

(Shout out to fellow locals who know the pain of shoveling out from under 3’ of snow… in May.)

Given our dry Wyoming climate, getting humidity into the signage shop is essential for accurate ink laydown and color rendering. We monitor the levels constantly, ensuring every signage job—including interior or exterior wall vinyl, stickers, vinyl banners, vehicle graphics, and fleet graphics—prints at the highest quality. 

When it comes to creating custom vinyl and signage, we enforce strict quality control at every stage. Whether we’ve created a design for a client, or a client’s brought a design to us, you can trust that an expert eye is overseeing your project every step of the way—down to the humidity levels in the shop where it’s printed.