Event Collateral for State Congressional Award Council

Logo for Cheyenne Laramie County Health with microscope in the background

A Creative Refresh for the Wyoming Congressional Award Council

Each year, the Wyoming Congressional Award Council (WCAC) encourages and supports Wyoming youth in their pursuit of The Congressional Award: An honor earned through hours of personal development and community engagement. 

As participants progress through the Congressional Award program and reach specific goals they’ve set for themselves, they earn a Bronze, Silver, or Gold medal, awarded during WCAC’s annual medalist ceremony in the spring.

The passion and excitement WCAC’s executive team has about the program is only matched by the level of pride they have in the youth who participate—and their commitment to making them feel special and celebrated.

To better reflect the program’s personality and pride in its participants, as well as attract new (and retain existing) program sponsors, WCAC asked for help refreshing their typically formal collateral and making it memorable. 

Together, we created a year’s worth of event collateral—including a sponsor sheet, social media assets, award program and “selfie scavenger hunt” checklist—in a vibrant theme that truly reflects the program’s energy, personality, and excitement. 

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