Informing Pathways of Study at LCCC

Mar 9, 2022 | Education

LCCC has launched their Pathways program, providing students the ability to explore a direction of study before choosing a specific program. With 7 pathway categories available, there’s a lot of support for students trying to determine their next steps in life. 

One of those Pathways is the Communications and Creative Arts Pathway. This Pathway is designed for individuals seeking a career in a creative and communications industry, which includes areas like art, humanities, languages, design and media. 

10 individuals from the Cheyenne community–representing theater, art, music, language, education, media, design, and tech–have come together as an Advisory Committee to support and ensure that this pathway is helping to strengthen all of these areas of study.  This group will help to inform what the market is trending towards, strategic partners for employment and internships, and how to best reach students. 

West Edge Collective is excited to be a part of this process, informing what a graphic design, media, and tech program could look like. In fact, our Community Development Manager, Desirée, is at the helm chairing the Advisory Committee as the group works to flesh out this program. West Edge is by now no stranger to creative workforce development, and we feel completely adept at being able to offer industry and market support when it comes to making opportunities for new creatives in Cheyenne. 

To learn more about LCCC Pathways, click here.