All City Art Show

Mar 9, 2022 | Education

We’re pretty passionate about supporting young artists as they grow and thrive in a creative environment, if we haven’t made that apparent yet. 

In 2019 when planning began for a High School art show that would feature student works in categories from visual arts, graphic design, sculpture, ceramics, music and cuisine, we were amped to lend support. Then of course Covid happened, and the plans for the show went on hiatus for the next couple of years. However, it’s 2022 and the show is back on!! West Edge was thrilled to provide the funding for the supplies to create the display set up that the East High welding students made. We also generated the marketing and branding material, and have continued to be at the table helping the event to go off without a hitch. We’re also offering scholarship funding through the John Arciniega Scholarship Fund, with awards announced at the show reception. 

We’re not the only ones in the community wings making this event come to life. CRMC has generously supported both in supplies and scholarship funds; Arts Cheyenne will support through judging and scholarship funding; and finally LCCC Communications and Creative Arts will be offering scholarship funding as well. 

The show will open Thursday, April 7th, with a reception on Friday, April 8th, and will be up through noon on Saturday, April 9th. Over 600 original student art works will be featured in this first year. 

Make sure to come out to support these young artists and celebrate their accomplishments.