Mar 9, 2022 | Community

We’ve talked a lot about entrepreneurship, our role in it, and how it drives our local economy. But a new term is on the rise: artrepreneurship. This term encompasses what it is to be a creative entrepreneur, from visual artists, street artists, graphic designers, photographers, musicians–essentially anyone trying to run a business and make a living in the creative industry!

There’s a ton of resources here in Cheyenne, both at the local and State level, to support any individual trying to make a business go of it on their own in any industry. However, there’s nothing specific to artists and creatives. Enter the Gener8tor Art program. This program is a 12 week accelerator program for visual artists, helping to provide support, mentorship, and the chance at a $15k grant. 

This program is a part of the gBETA Cheyenne accelerator program, and both have a proven track record of taking entrepreneurs and artreprenuers to the next level of their careers. 

To get Gener8tor launched in Cheyenne and Wyoming, our Community Development Manager, Desirée, spent two days helping our Gener8tor contacts to get to know our Wyoming arts environment. They met with State House Representatives, Wyoming Arts Council Staff, local artists, educators, and supporters. Everyone at the table will be working to make this a viable opportunity for artists and creatives in Wyoming, and we’re excited about the possibilities to further our creative environment.