What makes a good brand logo?

Feb 28, 2022 | Branding

Your logo is the most recognizable element of your brand. 

Even the most subtle nuances of color and font can completely change what your logo is telling the world about you, so it’s important to be thoughtful about what you want your logo to say. 

What to think about when creating a brand logo

Your brand logo is going to help tell your brand’s unique story—but where? And how? 

When creating a brand logo,ask yourself:

  • Where will your brand logo be seen?
  • How will your brand logo be used?
  • Does your brand logo look different from your competitors, or other brand logos already in use?
  • Is your brand’s logo relevant to what you do or the services provide?

How to know if you have a good logo

If your brand logo reflects your overall brand’s tone, energy, and personality… you’ve got a good logo. 

If your brand logo makes it easy for people to understand what your brand offers or what you do… you’ve got a good logo.  

If your brand logo uses your brand’s defined colors and fonts… you’ve got a great set of brand standards on top of a good logo. 

However, the absolute best way to tell if you’ve got a good logo is this:

Your logo not only makes a good first impression, but leaves a lasting impression behind.