What is brand positioning?

Feb 28, 2022 | Branding

Brand positioning, including your brand positioning statement, can be one of the most effective pieces of your branding—if it’s done well. 

What’s the difference between brand positioning and brand messaging?

Brand positioning is the “what” of your brand, or what you’d tell someone about your brand if you had 30 seconds or less to do it. (This is why brand positioning is sometimes called an “elevator pitch.”) 

If you think of brand positioning as what your brand wants to say, brand messaging defines how you’re going to say it. 

What should be in your brand positioning?

Start with the brand positioning statement: That 30-seconds-or-less pitch.

Your brand positioning should also include:

  • Your brand’s value proposition / elevator pitch 
  • Your brand’s key benefits
  • How your brand is different from competitors

Why brand positioning matters

Done well, your brand positioning solidifies not only your brand’s unique place in the market, but also your brand’s place in your audience’s mind. 

It’s hard. It can take longer than you expect to create. But once you’ve established solid brand positioning, there’s no question about what your brand is here to do, or how it benefits your audience.