How to use branding in printed collateral

Feb 28, 2022 | Branding

Seeing your brand” in real life” as printed brand collateral and stationery carries a thrill all its own. 

But before you dive into creating printed brand collateral and stationery: Get your brand standards! It’ll have all the details you need to use your brand colors, brand fonts, and logo correctly. 

Next, you get to decide what kind of printed brand collateral and stationery you want to create. 

Types of printed brand collateral and stationery

Armed with your brand standards, you can create:

    Business Cards
    Company Letterhead
    Service line brochures
    Product catalogs

    Why printed brand collateral is important

    Of all the ways you put your branding to work, clients see your brand collateral—all digital and print pieces that promote your message, product or service—the most. 

    If they’re not getting a sense of quality and consistency, you’re not getting their business.