Video Marketing, the Internet and Social Media

by Feb 25, 2016Featured, Marketing, Video

To say video is everywhere, is stating the obvious, it has permeated our very existence.

Our homes, work, our commute, the line at the market, the web, and if there isn’t a screen inside the restroom of your favorite restaurant….pull out your mobile phone. It is this type of saturation that MUST compel you as a business to add video into your marketing strategy. Don’t believe me? Let’s run the numbers.



In a study from, it is projected that 80% of ALL consumer internet traffic will be video centric by 2019, up 64% from 2014. By then, a million minutes of video will cross the network every SECOND! It would take you 5 million years to watch it all! The reigning king of video sites, YouTube has just over 1 billion users which comprises ⅓ of the internet! 300 hours of video is uploaded every minute, they are the second largest search engine on the web, and the second most downloaded app for mobile users. Second only to Facebook, to which needs no explanation as to how much video is taking over our news feeds. So much so that they are making video top priority in 2016. Starting with a dedicated video feed, live streaming, and picture in picture so that you can watch your video as you continue to scroll through all of your important memes, pics, and gossip.


80% of ALL consumer internet traffic will be video centric by 2019

It is imperative that you produce high quality, creative, and engaging content that can quickly satisfy the needs of the diminished attention span of the on demand consumer. A study showed an average of 60 seconds is all you get…so don’t waste it! Carefully plan and execute your video marketing campaign so that it attracts your dedicated audience that is looking for you. Be specific as to where you want to reach them. YouTube and Facebook of course, but if you have a younger demographic, should you be looking towards Instagram and Snapchat?

Is your video actually relevant to your target?

Is it just a “cool video”, or does it actually speak to the right someone that will make the decision to support your brand? Are you embedding the videos in your website? Are you giving the video the proper title and description? And for Pete’s sake, give it some tags and/or keywords! Doing this, and using the analytical tools that most of these websites provide will help you determine if you are being effective or not.

Be creative with your content as well. When shooting look for unique, but acceptable angles with fluid and steady motion. Capture clear and full audio and post-edit in a great soundtrack. Satisfy their need for your brand with bonus interviews, behind the scenes, making-of, bloopers, etc. Take advantage of various techniques, such as: 4k, drone, time/hyper lapse, slow motion, and my new favorite, 360 degree video.

Most importantly, tell a story of your brand and it will cut through the clatter of the interweb. By analyzing the data after the fact, you can create a successful video marketing campaign that has longevity and relevancy. Give the people what they want, be true to them, be true to your brand.

“If you build it, they will come”.