Jason Berner

Creative & Production Director

Jason is a 19 year veteran in the graphic design and creative services industry working in Wyoming for leading agencies like Warehouse Twenty One and Linden Marketing. He thrives on the creative process while collaborating with team members to offer outstanding value to the end client. He embraces the use of technology in design and effectively utilizes it while delivering innovative results. Over the years, he has helped many Wyoming businesses tell their unique stories while mastering his skills as a professional graphic designer, videographer and photographer, through a variety of media including responsive web, print, video, radio and social.

  • Graphic Design 95%
  • Website Design & WordPress 90%
  • Marketing Strategy 65%
  • Print Layout & Production 95%
  • Video Production & Editing 90%
  • Photography 85%
  • Believing in Unicorns 100%
  • Sarcasm 98%
  • Taking Stuff Apart 82%
  • Putting Stuff Back Together 42%