Here’s how it all got started:

The good folks of the Wyoming Outdoor Council (WOC) work hard to ensure the elements that make Wyoming special remain special.

We appreciate that. Some of us can’t even keep indoor plants alive, so for WOC to be able to do what they do and have such impressive, long-reaching results… yeah, it’s a pretty big deal.

When WOC came to us for help with redesigning their website just ahead of the Wyoming legislature’s 2017 General Session, their primary goal was to make their new website easy for legislators, lobbyists, stakeholders and members alike to find important info… and find it fast.

On the back end, they also needed a way to quickly add fresh content, manage membership, and accept donations.

Also, a moment for the friendly badger.

Not to be confused with the honey badger, because unlike his sassy counterpart, this badger gives alot of time and energy to helping WOC keep Wyoming special.

We might not have green thumbs, but we definitely know how to make a functional website that’s not half-bad on the eyes.

…and here’s what we did:

Working side-by-side with our donation software partners and WOC, we delivered a breathtaking website design that functions beautifully, serves WOC’s organizational needs, and was up and running just in time for the 2017 legislative session.

In our partnership so far, WOC and its internal marketing department are working with us on some rad new projects, including organizational discovery, a situation analysis and action Plan, and Digital/Social Marketing Execution.

West Edge Collective delivered a new website for us that met all or exceeded all our requests: it has improved functionality for our users, it is visually appealing, and it conveys our mission quickly and elegantly. More than that, the team at West Edge Collective delivered the product on a tight timeline, easily solved unanticipated technical challenges, and provided us with exceptional customer service. Plus, they’re just fun to work with! I’m looking forward to further collaboration with them in the future to enhance the brand of my non-profit!

Amy Rathke

Communication Engagement Director, Wyoming Outdoor Council

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