Here’s how it all got started:

Founded in 1903 — back in the day when docs still made house calls, trusty black bag in hand — the Wyoming Medical Society (WMS) has proudly provided representation, advocacy and service to Wyoming physicians for more than a century.

Though times have changed, “door to door” has evolved into office visits, and those iconic black bags have been replaced with laptop sleeves, WMS’ strong commitment to the medical field and its members hasn’t wavered.

Bi-annually, WMS publishes an informative, engaging magazine that’s sent to every physician in Wyoming — which rounds out to about 1200 subscribers paging through the hard-copy magazine each month, and hundreds more scrolling through the digital version on their screens.

All the makings of a great publication were in place when we came to the table. It had an engaging voice, informative content, targeted advertising and a large, established audience.

(True story? We’re not even part of the medical community — aside from our exceptional abilities to self-diagnose using Google, obviously… we’re solid in our “GhD” — and we read it.)

Our job was to take the existing publication up a notch, creating an even more enjoyable reading experience for the WMS readership.

…and here’s what we did:

Our first order of business was creating a clean, cohesive design and establishing brand standards. This is always a fun part — choosing fonts, crafting color schemes, figuring out which pieces click together best to create a look and feel that matches our client’s identity.

With a bright and shiny new look locked down, we moved forward with updating the magazine’s layout, creating a set of templates for assembling future issues, and improving the overall readability and user experience from the ground up.

The end result is an inviting, eye-catching and smooth-flowing publication, drawing in and delighting its audience from cover to cover — in both digital and hard-copy form.

The Wyoming Medical Society transitioned layout and design of our magazine publication to West Edge knowing they would bring fresh perspective and innovative ideas. We had no way of anticipating just how positive that move would ultimately be for our magazine. West Edge was a big part of making our magazine an award-winning magazine, and we had a ton of fun together in the process. WMS has made lasting friendships with the West Edge family and elevated the standard by which we will hold any design firm in the future.

Sheila Bush

Executive Director, Wyoming Medical Society

How's your brand looking these days?