Here’s how it all got started:

Q: What do Wyoming Machinery Company, the Dog Whisperer guy and “Mini Me” from the Austin Powers franchise all have in common?

A: They’ve all been around since 1969.

Closing in on half a century in the Cowboy State, Wyoming Machinery Company is absolutely thriving.

Operating under strong principles of integrity, commitment, excellence and teamwork, these guys are a good company to know; the problem was, a lot of people in the region hadn’t been properly introduced.

(It was sort of like having a neighbor who makes really amazing pizza — except you don’t know this, because you don’t know your neighbor, so you don’t get to have pizza with them. And that is a tragedy. The moral of this story: Know your neighbors, or you’ll be sad. And will probably miss out on pizza.)

By working with West Edge Collective, Wyoming Machinery Company hoped to offer potential customers in the region a friendly digital handshake, introduce themselves, and get the word out about their on-highway truck DYNO at the Cheyenne facility.

It was time for the good people of the region to stop missing out on all the proverbial pizza Wyoming Machinery Company had to offer, if you will.


…and here’s what we did:

That same question you’ve got right now — “What’s an ‘on-highway truck DYNO?’” — was the very question that guided us through assembling a creative strategy.

(Oh, and your second question? “HOW DID YOU KNOW I WAS THINKING THAT?”  We knew you were thinking that because sorcery.)

As we planned out our video storyboard, we knew we had some pretty impressive points to highlight, including:

  • What, exactly, this DYNO was, and all that it was capable of doing
  • That the DYNO in Cheyenne was the only one in the entire state (the next-closest being roughly six hours away)

Our two-minute video invited viewers inside Wyoming Machinery Company’s expansive, award-winning facility, showcasing all 18 truck bays, numerous piece of gleaming (and gigantic) heavy machinery, and, of course, the DYNO itself.


Once our video made its way to Facebook, it got right to work on over-achieving.

Within days, the initial organic social engagement goal was reached… and the video kept on keepin’ on, eventually receiving more than 2400 views.


Even better? Almost immediately after the video went live on Facebook, Wyoming Machinery Company reported a measurable increase in inquiries about the DYNO service.

Working with West Edge Collective is a total package. We came to them for video, but ended up with a real partnership that continues to grow.

Keith Cashman

Wyoming Machinery Company - Cheyenne

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