Here’s how it all got started:

For visitors to the Wyoming Department of Health website… it wasn’t always like this.

In the times before the West Edge crew worked their magic, this complex, information-rich website was haunted by many an unchecked box on an intimidating digital to-do list.

With at least 25% of the website’s health-minded visitors accessing the site from their phones, there was a serious need to create an enjoyable mobile experience — one consistent with an equally enjoyable experience on the desktop site.

And as for the desktop site, there was ample opportunity to redesign and rebuild in ways that would improve navigation and ease of use.

However, this would be no ordinary redesign.

Annnnd cue the dramatic music. Excellent.

In addition to creating all the visual elements, the full rebuild process would include the secure migration of 1,000 pages of content, 2,500 media files, and a 25-gigabyte database.

… intriguing, right? You’re on the edge of your seat?


We can practically hear you over there, like, “WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?”


pages of content

media files

gigabyte database

…and here’s what we did:

One of the biggest pieces of this process was, of course, the content and database migration.

Another large-scale step was creating 80+ website content editors across 40 unique permissions groups; doling out appropriate permissions for editing/content addition; and then training each of these users on how to navigate the system within their defined permissions parameters.


website content editors

unique permissions groups

Our final step before launch was implementing SSL — a secure encryption process that hadn’t previously been in place — across all site communications.

Since the site’s launch, we’ve continued our strong partnership with the Wyoming Department of Health through ongoing site updates and maintenance.


We were also especially thrilled to collaborate with them again to produce and film a video highlighting the importance of allowing healthy pregnancies to develop to 39 weeks.


With help, guidance and expertise from the West Edge Collective team, we completed a total overhaul of a massive government website with lots of players and challenges. We are all very pleased with the results and enjoyed the process. Once the website went live, we were a little sad we wouldn’t be seeing the team as often.

Kim Deti

Public Information Officer, Wyoming Department of Health

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