Here’s how it all got started:

When the Wyoming Army National Guard stops by to ask, “Hey, can you create a custom augmented reality app for us to track our recruitment efforts?”… there’s really no other option than to do it well, do it right, and do it up

…. and here’s what we did: 

Harnessing the full magic of augmented reality (AR), we created a series of interactive poster experiences—five total—with messaging tailored specifically around recruitment and retainment for the Wyoming Army National Guard. 

The experience begins when users scan a poster’s QR code; they’re instantly transported to a unique digital experience, complete with a live-action actor explaining the benefits of joining (or remaining in) the Wyoming Army National Guard. 

Once that particular experience ends, the user’s phone screen transforms again, this time to open up a menu of additional options to explore, and ways to take action on the information presented. 

Over time, data provided by each unique user experience will go far in helping enhance the Wyoming Army National Guard’s future recruitment efforts, as well as provide clear, trackable data about how the information provided by the posters is being used. 

The coolest thing about this project was that West Edge was willing to go way out of their comfort zone in regards to a kind of project they’ve never done before—and they still hit it out of the park. This project has been a huge success in its reception, and West Edge was uniquely capable in making it possible.

SFC Jon Hill, Marketing NCO

Recruiting and Retention Battalion, Wyoming Army National Guard

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