Wyoming Agriculture in the Classroom

Here’s how it all got started:

In 1985, Wyoming Agriculture in the Classroom was established and began creating a magazine named “Country to Classroom” that was mailed out to 4th and 5th graders around the state. In 2005, Encana provided $750,000 for an endowment, if WAIC could match the funds, which they did! The first Executive Director was hired in 2011 and the organization continues to develop an understanding of Wyoming’s vast resources in which students become informed citizens, capable of serving as stewards for Wyoming’s future.

WAIC has established four programs to support its efforts, the Wyoming Stewardship Project, Educator Workshops, Bookmark & Beyond and Educator of the Year. The Wyoming Stewardship Project is a free, project-based curriculum for 2nd through 5th-grade students based on real-world learning through the lense of Agriculture, Minerals & Energy, Outdoor Recreation and Tourism.

…and here’s what we did:

In an effort to better serve the educational community and support its own fundraising efforts, the team at WAIC determined it was time for a new website. A key component of the new website would be functionality that allowed curriculum content currently contained in dozens and dozens of pdfs to become dynamic website content that would be easily updated and managed over time. The website also included an updated look and feel, and functionality to improve user experience. The new website has been a big hit with users and has dramatically decreased the staff time needed to manage a large amount of curriculum content over time. Take a look at the new site!

You want a website you can feel proud of.