Here’s how it all got started:

Ask us where in Cheyenne to grab the best slice of pizza, try coffee that changes everything you know about caffeination, or catch the greatest view of a Frontier Days parade.

(No, seriously. Ask us. We have superb answers.)

And how have we amassed our superb array of answers, you ask?

We’re locals.

We’re really excited about living in Cheyenne.

And that’s exactly why Visit Cheyenne (the Cheyenne Area Convention and Visitors Bureau) chose West Edge Collective to tell the visual story of our fair city.

After all… who better to create captivating video content and positively promote our city than people who love this place like we do?


…and here’s what we did:

Aiming to target a younger demographic, we focused on creating snappy, clever and engaging videos that our audience wouldn’t “X” out of after 15 seconds.

Our recipe for the creative included sweeping skyscapes of Laramie County (the “ooh” factor); time lapses of area attractions (the “aaah” element); and subtle-yet-purposeful nods to our western heritage. Tied together with some jaw-dropping close-ups and high-energy captures of Cheyenne residents at their finest, the dozen videos we cooked up earned more combined views (100,000 and counting, to be exact-ish) than any previous videos produced for Visit Cheyenne.

combined views (and counting)

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