Here’s how it all got started:

The Two Fly Foundation’s passion for the environment and their community prompted them to organize an annual fly fishing tournament, the proceeds of which are donated to local charities and various rehabilitation projects on the North Platte River. 

During each year’s tournament, fly fishermen from the oil and gas industry around the country unite to compete for great prizes and fun. The tournament provides plenty of entertainment and stories to tell, but more importantly affords the Two Fly Foundation yet another opportunity to help the environment and their community. 

…and here’s what we did:

In 2016,  the Foundation approached WEC to create a fresh look for that year’s event poster and promotional materials. WEC’s resident creatives rose to the challenge… and have continued to do so each year since! The design of these pieces has brought a new level of excitement to the event. (The poster, for example, has become a highly desired collectible.)

Over the years,  WEC has grown more and more passionate about the Foundation and its goals. Now, not only does WEC provide fresh new designs for each tournament, but we’ve also become a sponsor!

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