Wyoming Office of Tourism - Steam Shop

Here’s how it all started:

We don’t care how old you are; there’s something intrinsically magical about hearing the horn of a steam-powered locomotive.

It’s that exact sense of wonder that we sought to capture in our second video for the “That’s WY” video series, highlighting the Union Pacific steam shop in Cheyenne.

Never heard of the steam shop before?

In short: It’s living history, it’s one of the only places in the entire country where steam locomotives are still being operated and repaired, and it sounds legitimately terrifying when wind is blowing through it.

Needless to say, we were stoked for the opportunity to tell its story.

Not only is this steam shop considered one of the most strategic links along the entire Union Pacific railroad, it’s also one of the very few Union Pacific properties where original structures are still standing and being used for their original purpose.

Every day, right inside the shop, a dedicated team of employees makes it their mission to “keep breathing life into the machines.”

This place has history; it has heart.

And as soon as we sat down to interview Ed Dickens, Jr.—Union Pacific’s Senior Manager of Heritage Operations—we knew we’d found exactly the right guy to help us tell the steam shop’s story.

… and here’s what we did:

Working with the crew at the Wyoming Office of Tourism, our team transformed a rough, pre-production outline of “who / what / when / where / why” into an engaging, “whoa”-inducing story of one of our state’s most fascinating pieces of living history.

As Ed remarks in the video, he’s proud to help “keep the heritage of our country and the Union Pacific alive”—and we’re thrilled to be able to capture that, as well as continue our relationship with the Wyoming Office of Tourism. It’s always a great day when you get to show off the best parts of this gorgeous state we call home.

We brought West Edge Collective onto our integrated team early last fall to help support a creative concept that we simply didn’t have the internal resources to accomplish at the time. The end result has been a great partnership and collaboration that is extremely valuable to our team and the work that we’re doing together. Balancing input from a client team and a client’s Media and PR agency could be a tricky task, but West Edge Collective handled it beautifully. They quickly embraced the perspectives and roles of everyone at the table. Without doubt, their work is fabulous and effective – but their ability to integrate with our team to fully understand shared goals and objectives has gone above and beyond.
Kristin Phipps

Brand Integration Senior Manager, Wyoming Office of Tourism

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