Here’s how it all got started:

It’s pretty darn cool to be able to say you founded a successful dermatology practice that’s been growing and thriving for four decades… and counting.

It’s even cooler to be able to make that practice into a family business by bringing your son on board, like, “Come, my son, and let us cultivate healthy skin across the region for many decades to come.”

Give or take some exact wording, so begins the tale of Seitz Dermatology — formerly Cheyenne Dermatology, which was (very) often confused with a similarly-named competitor.

(And we’re talking serious confusion here; like, patients from both practices would show up at the wrong place for appointments because it was so easy to mix up the names.)

In 2016, senior Seitz and son decided it was time for their brand to evolve. New name, new logo, new website… the works.

And we were ready to make them shine.


… and here’s what we did:

Working with the small-but-mighty Seitz crew — consisting of father and son Seitz, as well as a family practitioner and a stellar office manager — we concocted a fantastic plan to make over their website, amplify their social presence and, most importantly, get the word out that Cheyenne Dermatology was now Seitz Dermatology.

After finalizing a sleek and modern new logo, with a dual-tone color scheme echoing the practice’s “father-son” roots, the West Edge crew began phase two: Getting the word out.


In the first quarter alone, we reached over 35,000 people, saw nearly 5,000 visits to the website and engaged over 200 new followers on Facebook.



CTR Percentage


Above our Goal


Above our Goal


Above our Goal

As part of introducing the new branding, we also coordinated the design, website development and marketing plan for a direct-mail gift certificate giveaway. We were thrilled to watch as our goals quickly exceeded in this area, too — by a little more than 138%, in fact.


Above our Goal

The changeover from our former name to the branding of our new name was a seamless transition. What an amazing team to work with!

Carla Swinton

Seitz Dermatology

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