Here’s how it all started:

Ever rang in the new year on the Depot Plaza downtown?

Reiman Corp. built that!

(Well, okay, not the new year. We should clarify that. The plaza upon which said New Year is celebrated? THAT was Reiman. The new year is just… science. Science made that.)


How about the downtown parking structure, formally known as the Jack R. Spiker Parking Garage); ever parked in there? Or have you celebrated a wedding (or five) inside the Kiwanis Community House at Lions Park?

Yep; Reiman Corp. again!

We could keep right on going, but with almost 3,000 projects under Reiman Corp.’s belt, we’d be here a while.

(It’d be something like 100 hours. We actually calculated that.)

Suffice to say, Reiman Corp. has really lived up to their motto of “building Wyoming” over the past 70 years. As this home-grown, family-owned company moved into its third generation, they were ready to refresh their brand, revamp their website, and develop a cohesive, consistent look and feel around their messaging, logo and brand.

…and here’s what we did:

Working together with the Reiman Corp. team, we updated their logo;

brought to life their company values through graphic badges (which, along with the logo, have since been made into stickers… none of which last longer than about 5 minutes in the Reiman office whenever a new batch comes in)…
created vehicle graphics…
and, most exciting of all, redesigned the website. Priorities included showcasing the company’s multiple projects in a user-friendly way; delivering a strong call to action that supports recruiting; and, at its heart, really represent the brand’s “Wyoming true grit” in a way that resonates company-wide.

West Edge has been a great partner in helping our company rebrand and establish a fresh look while maintaining our 70 years of history and core values. The knowledge team is professional and has a variety of skills to make the entire project successful.

Lauren Reiman

Reiman Corp.

Let's refresh your brand!