Here’s how it all got started:

A long-established partnership between the CDC and Wyoming Department of Health, KnoWyo offers free condoms and vouchers for free or low-cost STD testing to Wyoming residents anywhere in the state. 

Our team was thrilled for the opportunity to update the KnoWyo campaign with fun new messaging, breathe new life into its look and feel, and create new video and digital assets to go with it.

…and here’s what we did:

After establishing the new slogan—“Get Some!”—and redesigning the website, West Edge Collective created a full-production TV spot geared towards at-risk audiences within the state. 

Additional supporting assets for the campaign included signage for KnoWyo’s condom dispensers; business-card-size handouts to be used for events; and clinic posters related to KnoWyo’s services. 

Traffic from the campaign is tracked based on website visits and click-through-rates, which can be compared to actual data on number of tests redeemed and the number of distributed condoms.

Don’t you love a good brand update? Us, too!