Here’s how it all started:

The CROWCREEK Homes crew (then operating under a different name) came to us with a challenge: Create a new name for their brand, along with the professional branding, collateral and a website to match.

What’s more fun than getting to be part of the excitement that is creating a new brand?

Not much, you guys. Not much.

(Well, okay. Also when our conference room is stocked with the good candy. That’s a close second. VERY CLOSE.)

In working with the CROWCREEK Crew, our main priority was to let customers — both current and prospective — knew that even though the company’s name and look were new, the quality of service and years of experience that their current customers were used to hadn’t changed a bit.

… and here’s what we did:

First off, we had to come up with a name. After landing on CROWCREEK Homes, we then launched into creating a logo, establishing a color palette, and creating the brand a home on the web that was just as comfortable and welcoming as any home they’d build for a customer.

Within the site, we integrated a blog; a way to not only further inform visitors about the brand, but also act as an SEO driver. Kind of like a couch that’s also a recliner: Two great things in one go. Bam.

Additionally, we helped the CROWCREEK crew establish and maintain their social media presence, and we’ve worked together to develop numerous successful campaigns across a variety of platforms.

Working with a team as bright and engaging as these guys doesn’t even feel like work. We’re looking forward to our continued collaboration, and especially with these guys, we know we’re in for nothing short of a fun, exciting ride.

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True Wyoming professionals that take the time to learn about their clients and focus on the project at hand. The personal attention and dedication to market driven results is exactly what we were looking for. West Edge Collective created an entire new brand for our company. The new brand, webpage, and marketing material they created have exceeded our expectations.

Dana Hankel

Senior Office Manager, CROWCREEK Homes

Your brand has a great story.